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Integral Insulation

Fully welded solution using high quality thermal matting with bespoke fabricated dimpled foil casing. This solution provides significant performance benefits with a minimum surface temperature reduction recorded at 75%. With a range of thicknesses available to suit different applications, this can raise to over 90%.


With advanced welding techniques and high quality dimpled casing this increases the life cycle of the insulation making it a fit and forget product with high performance.

Removable Heatshield

Using the same matting and foil as our integral insulation, this solution has the same performance and durability benefits but allows for the removable of the heatshield to allow access to serviceable parts, such as turbos and manifolds.


The metallic outer shell allows for continuous removal and replacement of the heatshield throughout it's life time without any degradation of the internal matting.

Immico Removable Heatshield
Immico Textile Jacket

Textile Jackets

Using our thermal matting sandwiched between textile inner and outer layers allows for fitment around high-frequency parts such as flex pipes. It is also a more cost-effective alternative to the metallic removable heatshields whilst maintaining similar performance characteristics. CAD is required for non-pipe components such as turbos.

Thermal Barrier

Bespoke fabrication or off the shelf sheet barriers to suit your application. There are different options available with or without an insulation layer to provide a rigid boundary between the heat source and the heat sensitive parts such as air intakes or fluid reservoirs.

Immico Thermal Barrier
Immico CAD Design

Iterative Design

For serial production parts we use industrial CAD software to take control of the entire design and production process after the initial concept phase. This entails revising the design to ensure it both follows the design intent and is manufacturable in a cost-effective manner.

Supply Chain

Supply chain management of your complete exhaust package to assemble all the various parts to make the exhaust pipe to your specification. Minimising your supply chain with us to deliver you exhaust pipes with or without thermal management.


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