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From one car outfits to multi-discipline teams we provide custom thermal management solutions to all tiers of motorsport around the world including club championships, touring cars, rally and endurance prototypes. We provide consultation to understand your thermal requirements helping to keep your vehicles protected throughout the season.


From stationary to moving machines, we can offer complete package of exhaust pipes with thermal management to help reduce risk of fires and also improve the engine efficiency and emissions of a diesel combustion engine.

Caterham Exhaust


We provide custom fabrication for one off builds giving individuals access to the top motorsport grade materials. From overheating classics to 1000bhp+ drag cars our thermal management solutions achieve a reduction of 75% in the surface temperature from unprotected exhaust parts.


For all commercial sectors we offer the entire solution for providing exhaust systems with thermal management to reduce fire risks and improve the efficiency and reduce the emissions of a diesel combustion engine. We understand the harsh environments these machines face with heavy engine loads and varied weather conditions so we provide a durable product to perform consistently throughout any condition.


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